Reviving a Brand – Sleeper Train

Based on our past work, the client commissioned a future scenario piece about travel in general and overnight train travel in particular over the next 5 – 15 years.

What We Did

  • Booked tickets and rode trains – mystery shopping the experience.
  • Talked to passengers, staff – from Engineers to Call Centre Workers to Directors
  • Researched travel trends, luxury trends.
  • Crunched data.

Top Insights

  • Travel is by tribes – demographics no longer provide sufficient insight.
  • Strong nostalgic sentiments.
  • Middle East and Asia are markets to watch.
  • Staff motivation low.
  • Current customer base don’t want service to change.
  • Engineers treat passengers like cargo.
  • Tourists boards’ data points don’t map to industry trends.

We proposed 10 experiments. Two were immediately commercialised. TheFTSE 250 company received positive attention from City Analysts for the experiments.