A hospital initiated a project to build a Control Room in order to place Operations and Clinical decision-makers in the same physical space. Because of the way things worked, the team claimed a space before they had the chance to figure out what needed to be in the Control Room and how the Control Room connected to other processes in the hospital.

The team aimed to build the Control Room incrementally, reusing a method applied to build an electronic patient record system.

The team asked us to come up with a framework to hold discussions across operations, clinical care, and trustees.

We explored how the hospital supports Care Pathways and Operational Pathways. Care Pathways refer to the medical care staff behaviours while the Operational Pathways refer to administrative behaviours supporting the operation of a hospital.

Understanding the hospital’s needs

Highlights included:

  • Read minutes of Board meetings, Strategy and Vision documents.
  • Dug into Performance Measurements prescribed by national and international bodies.
  • Reviewed previous projects and the implementation of Control Rooms around the world.
  • Visualised how practice develops into evidence for Pathways.
  • Interviewed key project Stakeholders, nurses and doctors at the hospital, International medical practitioners.

Initial Framework Idea

Care and Operational Pathway teams work independently even though they are dependent upon each other. What would if happen we mapped the pathways to the Patient’s Experience? From first touchpoint with hospital to discharge?

What We Did Next

  • Created a map of the Patient Journey showing where the Care and Operational functions fit in the flow from the Patient’s perspective.
  • Prepared a set of questions to tease out more information and to give the hospital a feel for how we would like to work with them on the project.


“We’re very impressed with your knowledge,” they said as we left. “Those are some hard questions.”

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